If you are a business person working on a municipality of Novi Beograd and if you want to help us improve your volume of business activity, become our member.

Some of our goals and services are:

- Mutually connecting local businessmen as well as establishing connections with foreign ones
- Providing information about current contests for giving grants and tools
- Cooperation with regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation
- Legal advice for members of the Association, as well as help for young entrepreneurs
- Various kinds of financial help for members of the Association
- Making a database of our members and issuing membership cards, with which you can get various discounts
- Organizing meetings of entrepreneurs in Serbia and abroad
- Organizing educational workshops and seminars
- Organizing trips, as a way of get-together, for our members
- Developing and improving entrepreneurship

General Business Association Novi Beograd is founded as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan association of entrepreneurs with shared interests. The Association is working in concordance with Regulation and the norms and has a goal of creating economic prosperity for its members.

We are here to hear for all the ideas, problems, suggestions so that we can improve the status of entrepreneurs, together.